Archival Collections
Archivo General de la Nación Dominicana (agn), Santo Domingo
Archivo de la Época Haitiana (1822–44): Legajos 1–4: Record books, court
proceedings, and miscellaneous sales and statistical information of the His-
paniola unification period.
Archivo del Gobierno Militar de Santo Domingo (1916–24): A document col-
lection that includes all available papers of the military government, espe-
cially of the ministries of health and immigration and the gnd.
Archivo del Palacio Nacional (1940–50): A vast collection that includes all ad-
ministrative and military memos addressed to or by Trujillo between 1940
and 1950.
Archivo de Prensa: A periodical collection containing every existing newspaper
published in the territory of the Dominican Republic since the beginning
of the republic in 1844.
Archivo General de la República: The umbrella archive under which all col-
lections concerning the various branches of Dominican government are
Archivo Particular del Generalísimo, Palacio Nacional: A collection of papers
and memos including daily intelligence reports, private correspondence,
requests by diplomatic personnel, and notes regarding Trujillo’s persecution
of the Afro- religious and other dissidents. This collection is now part of the
larger Archivo del Palacio Nacional.
Colección Bernardo Vega: Contains documents and information pertaining to
the US military occupation (1916–24), the presidency of Horacio Vázquez
(1924–30), the Trujillo dictatorship (1930–61), and various political and
military processes affecting the Dominican state (1961–80).
Colección José Gabriel García (1738–1968): A series of letters and documents
collected by historian José Gabriel García (1834–1910), including the diary
of Rosa Duarte, documents related to García’s various government posi-
tions, and letters by important world leaders written to García.
Colección Leyes, Decretos y Resoluciones (1844–1961): A collection of decrees
and resolutions passed by the various governments of the republic; of par-
ticular importance are the ordinances related to immigration and border
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