In his “Reflections on Exile,” Edward Said notes that ­there is “a par­tic­u­lar
sense of achievement in acting as if one ­were at home wherever one hap-
pens to be.” During my years of exile in London, I inhabited the peculiar
hybrid condition of being both a relatively privileged ­labor mi­grant (pro-
academic) and a virtual po­liti­cal refugee. Despite the sometimes ­fessional,
bitter alienation that characterizes any exile, I enjoyed the rare and precious
gift of contemplating my predicament in Europe—­and indeed, the predic-
of “Europe”—­si­mul­ta­neously from multiple ­angles of vision. To a ­ament
great extent, this was made pos­si­ble by the intellectual companionship and
po­liti­cal camaraderie afforded by the contributors to this volume, whom I
have known as my students, colleagues, or both. I have learned much about
the borders of “Eu­rope” through their fine research and scholarship, which
has been a source of constant stimulation and inspiration. Together, albeit
in our discrepant ways, we have become dedicated to asking what I have
come to call the Eu­ro­pean Question. While I scrutinized their “home”
the critical perspective of the exiled “outsider,” they afforded me the ­from
hospitality that  made it pos­si­ble to feel something of both the gratifying
comfort as well as the intense disquiet of being both “within and against” a
place. In short, in their vari­ous ways, the contributors to this book afforded
me a kind of “home” in exile, for which I am profoundly grateful. As Said
notes, however, an exile understands deeply that a home is always provi-
sional, and that its borders and bound­aries, which may provide familiarity
and security, can also become prisons. Thus, confronted with my eligibility
for permanent residence in Britain, I opted instead to leave. I am therefore
gratified to have had the opportunity to showcase in this volume the work
of a cohort of ju­nior scholars who are confronting and challenging precisely
how the borders of “Eu­rope” (home, more or less, for nearly all of them)
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