I thank many people and organizations for their assistance with this proj-
ect. The journal Hypatia published an earlier version of chapter 3, as “I Feel
Your Pain: Embodied Knowledges and Situated Neurons” (2013). I thank
the journal and its editors and reviewers for feedback. My editor at Duke
University Press, Courtney Berger, offered invaluable guidance, as did three
anonymous readers. A Mellon Foundation midcareer faculty fellowship
supported my participation in a seminar run by the Committee for Inter-
disciplinary Science Studies at the Graduate Center, City University of New
York, whose members gave feedback on several chapters of this book. So
did the members of the NeuroCultures Seminar that ran from 2010 12 at
the Graduate Center, which Jason Tougaw and Rachel Liebert coorganized
with me. Members of the Neurogenderings Network, whose conferences
I attended in Vienna and Lausanne, offered insight into the possibilities
for feminist neuroscience and positive critique. The Center for the Study
of Neuroscience and Society at the University of Pennsylvania provided
funding for me to attend their residential training for nonscientists in 2010.
I also thank cuny and the Department of Sociology at Queens College
for funding to attend the University of Pennsylvania. The Hastings Cen-
ter for Bioethics provided a beautiful space to work during my sabbati-
cal. I am grateful for helpful conversations and feedback from colleagues
and friends, including Alexandre Baril, Maria Brincker, Jeffrey Bussolini,
Patricia Clough, Christina Crosby, Lennard Davis, Ashley Dawson, Peter
Godfrey- Smith, Lori Gruen, Siri Hustvedt, Rebecca Jordan- Young, Eben
Kirksy, Emily Martin, Martin Pickersgill, John Protevi, Rayna Rapp, Joe
Rouse, Deboleena Roy, Laura Sizer, Jason Tougaw, Bryan Turner, Kari
Weil, and Elizabeth Wilson. I thank Jesse Prinz for reading several of the
chapters and giving nonstop encouragement. For their sustaining friend-
ship I thank Joe Rollins, Elizabeth Wood, and Amy Krakowka. For their
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