A work of this size and complexity requires that a great many people share
the editors’ pain—as well as their success—in bringing the project to frui-
tion. The editors would like to start by expressing our gratitude to each
other for persevering in this project over the last decade. Although finishing
this book has been a shared enterprise, many of our most important debts
are individual. Liz Hutchison would therefore like to thank Regina, Dante,
Pasqual, Tita, Beth, Justin, Miguel, Kymm, Jason, Sam, Heidi, Ericka, Sole,
and Nara for their unwavering support. Tom Klubock would like to thank
Ishan, Kiran, and Sandhya. Nara Milanich thanks Nicola, Giacomo, and
Luca. Peter Winn would like to thank Ethan, Sasha, and Sue for their pa-
tience and support.
This book would not have been possible without the support and gener-
osity of our many colleagues and friends, on whose specialized advice we
have relied to identify and obtain many of the texts and images that make
up this book. This long list includes many of those named elsewhere in
these acknowledgments, as well as Marjorie Agosín, Margarita Alvarado,
Lisa Baldez, Merike Blofield, Brenda Elsey, Mario Garcés, Alfredo Jocelyn-
Holt, Katherine Hite, Mala Htun, María Angélica Illanes, Jadwiga Pieper,
Julio Pinto, Ericka Verba, Angela Vergara, and Soledad Zárate. Although
the Selected Readings indicate some of the vast bibliography we have re-
lied on for the book’s scholarly apparatus, we are particularly indebted to
Brian Loveman for his enduring work, Chile: The Legacy of Hispanic Capi-
talism, without which many more errors of fact and interpretation would
have surely crept into our manuscript. We extend special thanks to col-
leagues who gave us access to their archival materials, Ericka Beckman
and Leonardo Leon, and to those who shared their original interview tran-
scripts, namely Lisa Baldez, Ricardo Balladares and Alison Bruey, Florencia
Mallon, and Margaret Power. For permission to reprint excerpts of their
published interviews, we thank Luis Cifuentes and Pilar Molina. We are
deeply indebted to colleagues who have authored major published collec-
tions of historical documents, including Peter Kornbluh, author of The
Pinochet File; Sofía Correa, Consuelo Figueroa, Alfredo Jocelyn-Holt, Clau-
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