1. Gattaca is discussed in full in chapter 5. I am grateful to Celia Roberts for
discussions that led to this focus for the opening of my introduction.
2. See Franklin 2007 for a study of Dolly the sheep.
3. Elizabeth Grosz discusses the image of the Möbius strip in relation to
theories of sexuality (Grosz 1995, 97).
4. There is a vast literature on visualization of the body’s interior as part
of the project of modernity—for example, Foucault 1973; Crary 1990;
and Stafford 1991. For discussions of the gendering of this desire, see
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Braidotti 1994; Cartwright 1995; Marchessault and Sawchuk 2000; and van
Dijck 2005.
5. See Foucault 1978; Duden 1993; Rose 1996; Haraway 1997; and Franklin
6. For a discussion of the relationships between these categories, see chap-
ters 4 and 5. See also Doane 1991a.
7. Critical work on the genre of science-fiction film includes: Kuhn 1990 and
1999; Penley et al. 1991; Sobchack 1997; Telotte 1999 and 2001; Newman
2002; and Wood 2002.
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