Putting this anthology together has taken years, and it is by now impos-
sible to accurately thank the many students, colleagues, friends, and fam-
ily members who have helped us think about what to include or, more
difficult, what to exclude. We owe debts beyond what we can enumerate
here. Anony­mous helpers lurking in translation chat-rooms, neighbors who
happen to be bilingual, casual acquaintances, and sometimes passersby
were all roped into the project in one way or another. More directly, the
federal work-study program allowed several students at the University of
Pennsylvania to be pressed into service. Special thanks go to Seth Amos,
Tivan Amour, Bernardo Aparicio, Christa Avampato, Claudia Henriquez,
Marco Herndon, Karla Molina, Camille Reyes, Mariantonia Rojas Cabal,
Alexia Temme, and Brandi Waters. At the University of Pennsylvania, the
Latin American and Latino Studies Program and the History Department
provided critical support. Our greatest debt is to Valerie Millholland and
Miriam Angress at Duke University Press. We also thank Heather Hens-
ley, Isabel Rios-Torres, Silvia Serrano, Liz Smith, and Christi Stanforth, who
worked to produce this volume.
Numerous professionals gave unstintingly of their expertise. We are
grateful for help offered by José Alvear Sanín, Juan Pablo Ardila, Tulio
Aristizábal, SJ, Andrés Castro Samoya, Migdalia Carrasquillo, Andrea Cote
Botero, May Summer Farnsworth, Nancy Farriss, Luz Mary Giraldo, Vivi-
ana Goelkel, Diana Marcela Gómez, Beatríz González, Nelson González,
Joseph Holub, Lina Martínez Hernández, Ricardo López, Catalina Muñoz,
Juan Guillermo Múnera, Diana Milena Murcia, Eric Perramond, Javier Rev-
elo Rebolledo, Amanda Romero Medina, Guillermo Saldarriaga, Libia Tat-
tay Bolaños, and Luis van Isschot. Mauricio Tovar at the Archivo General de
la Nación provided valuable assistance throughout the course of the project.
Alexander Montoya Prada advised us with respect to the inclusion of texts
by Manuel Quintín Lame. José Roca gave early constructive suggestions re-
garding images of contemporary Colombian artists to be included, both as
a Whitney-Lauder Curatorial Fellow at the Institute of Contemporary Art
in Philadelphia and as curator at the Banco de la República in Bogotá. We
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