The chapters by Alain Badiou, Étienne Balibar, Bruno Bosteels, Emily Apter,
and Robert J. C. Young were all initially presented at the conference “Read-
ing Capital: 1965–2015” on December 6, 2013, at Prince ton University; each
contribution has subsequently been revised for this volume. All chapters ap-
pear here for the first time. The editor wishes to thank all the contributors for
their enthusiastic support and generous contributions to this proj ect. Further
thanks as well goes to the sponsors of the original conference: Verso Books
and the Departments of French and Italian, German, and Comparative Lit-
er a ture at Prince ton University, and to Peter Thomas, Alberto Toscano, and
anonymous readers of these materials at Historical Materialism. Courtney
Berger, Sandra Korn, and Susan Albury at Duke University Press guided the
manuscript through the production pro cess with enthusiasm and careful at-
tention to detail, while two readers for Duke proved im mensely helpful in
reviewing the manuscript. A sabbatical leave from Prince ton University al-
lowed the editor to complete work on the manuscript. Prince ton students in
our seminar on Reading Capital contributed immeasurably to my own under-
standing of the volume’s arguments, and Nicolas L’Hermitte in par ticular as-
sisted with the initial transcription of what would eventually become Alain
Badiou’s chapter below.
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