In the early stages of this project I received invaluable support and
guidance from Bob Gerstein, Doug Hobbs, and Joyce Appleby. Each of
them read the initial drafts of the manuscript and shared with me their
considerable expertise on judicial politics and American political (and
legal) development. Willie Forbath,
Bill Roy, and Bob Welsh also helped
me clarify important features of the argument. Clyde Barrow took the
time to read a later version of the manuscript; I am grateful that I was
able to benefit from his thoughtful advice and familiarity with sources
relating to the development of American political thought. At one point
or another I also received helpful comments from Bob Gordon, Mark
Tushnet, Rick Funston, Barbara Sinclair, and Lief Carter. Mindy Con-
ner, from Duke University Press, did an extraordinary job copyediting
the manuscript.
deeply appreciate the efforts of these friends, col-
leagues, and acquaintances to make this manuscript more coherent,
relevant, and interesting. If their efforts are not always evident in the
finished product it is because I was either too naive or too stubborn to
appreciate what they were trying to tell me.
This book was completed as I began settling into my new home at the
University of Southern California. I appreciate the support for this
research that I have received from USC; in particular I would like to
thank Michael Preston, Dean
S. Whitaker, and Dean Gerald Segal.
My most valuable resource at USC, however, has been Judith Grant, and
I would like to extend a special thanks to her for overall support, advice,
camaraderie, and friendship.
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