Plates (following 202)
1 Staff-holding traditional authorities with quipocamayo-draped
presidents of ayllus and sacred clowns, 7 January 1997
2 Rolling up ayllu Primera Satafasca’s quipocamayo 1sf-01 in the
ancient way
3 Quipocamayos on display at the huayrona, or civic plenum, 1995
4 The newly invested ayllu presidents of 2000
5 Signing the minutes after installation of 2000 ayllu presidents
6 Pendants of ayllu Segunda Allauca’s quipocamayo 2a-01
7 The pachacamanta or knob of ayllu Primera Satafasca’s
quipocamayo 1sf-01
8 Hito, or marker, on quipocamayo c-01 of Cacarima ayllu
9 Pendants of Cacarima’s c-01
10 Nery Javier Rojas and his former teacher with his simulacrum,
in 1999
11 Amancio Javier lifts cords seeking relevance to a numerological
reduction of a name
12 Close-up of 1a-01
13 The formerly paired quipocamayos 1sf-01 and 2sf-01
14 Primer Huangre’s quipocamayo is almost empty of knots
15 To observe m-01’s quartet structure, look for the pale gray cord
forming the third member of each quartet
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