The Unread Legacy
1 It also has other historic names: San Cosme y San Damián, San Damián de Uructambo, or San
Damián de Urutambo.
2 Hispano-Quechuisms, that is, words of Quechua etymology used in Spanish, are written in Span-
ish orthography. Quechua words are written using the Peruvian Ministry of Education’s grapho-
phonemic conventions (Cusihuamán 1976:13–17). Throughout the book translations of foreign-
language quotations are mine unless otherwise noted.
3 To the best of my knowledge, the originator of this phrase is my colleague Sharon Hutchinson.
4 Huari denotes kindreds of valley or coastal origin, associated with agriculture, with earth and its
deities, and with ancient political legitimacy. Llacuaz denotes kindreds of highland origin, asso-
ciated with pastoralism, with the sky and its deities, and with political aggression. This antithesis
is common in central Peru, and implicit in the 1608 Quechua source.
5 Peru’s Instituto Nacional de Estadística e Informática maintains a Web site, http://www.inei.,which,inNovember1998,distributedtheseasthelatestsecurecalculations.Lima’sannual
growth rate is about 2.3 percent per year, while the country’s is about 1.7 percent.
6 Chicha music is a hugely popular genre combining Andean lyrics and musical motifs with elec-
tric rock instrumentation. Chicha bands shuttle between urban and rural dance dates, and their
listeners also often lead bipolar urban-rural lives.
7 According to Gary Urton’s reckoning. Address at Colgate University, May 26, 2001.
8 Semiosis: in Peircian terminology, sign action as opposed to mechanical action.
9 ‘‘Mechones de lana, figuras humanas y . . . un caracol marino.’’
1. Universes of the Legible
1 Inkakunaqa manan papelta reqsirankuchu, qelqata, paykunaqa mana noticiasta papelpichu
apachinakuranku, sinowik’uña q’aytukunallapi; mana allin noticikunapaq [sic] yana q’aytuku-
napi, allin noticiakunapaqta karan yuraq q’aytukuna. Kay q’aytukunan karan libro hina, pero
españakuna mana kananta munasqakuchu hinaspa Inkaman huk papelta qosqaku:
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