Note on Dialectology
Huarochiranos speak Spanish only. Hispano-Quechua designates words of Quechua etymology found
in their speech. Some Huarochirí Hispano-Quechuisms are unknown elsewhere. Regional Spanish
means etymologically Romance usages typical of Huarochirí vernacular. A few words come from a non-
Quechua indigenous language, probably Huarochirí’s extinct Jaqaru-like ethnic tongue. Terms labeled
Quechua are from the Cuzco-Titicaca highlands, or from chronicles and dictionaries, not from Huaro-
chirí speech. All other terms are standard Spanish usages.
acta: minute (of a meeting, etc.)
activo: member with full rights and duties
agencia municipal: submunicipality
alcalde: (1) in folk law, staff-bearing constable; (2) in state law, municipal mayor
ancarri: (Hispano-Quechua) blue
anexo: submunicipal hamlet, satellite village
armada: (regional Spanish) ceremonial redistribution inaugurating meeting or work
aspa: an ‘‘X,’’ check mark, or other sign attesting attention
ayllu: (Hispano-Quechua) corporate descent group, defined by preferentially patrilineal eligibility and
voluntary membership (synonym: parcialidad)
cabildo: town council; open town meeting
cajuela: (regional Spanish) portable diorama dramatizing Catholic theme
calhua: (Hispano-Quechua [?]) light brown
camachico: (Hispano-Quechua) president of an ayllu
campesino: peasant
cantito: (regional Spanish) bright thread run through (abbreviation: td rt)
cargo: role of responsibility, political or ritual
chacra: (Hispano-Quechua) cultivated field
chacua: (Hispano-Quechua [?]) brownish-yellow
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