If we really tried to thank everyone whose help and support contributed t
compiling of this book, the acknowledgments would probably be as lo
the book itself. Most of all, we are grateful to the authors whose work ap
here. Many of them were extraordinarily generous with their time and
work, and we are happy if we can contribute to bringing it to a wider p
We are especially grateful to the wonderfully talented Melbourne-based
Jovanovic, whose photographs grace the second half of this volume.
The Salem State College Library (especially the underappreciated I
library Loan Department), the Graduate School, the Bureau of Facult
search, the Vice President’s Faculty/Librarian Research Support Fund
the Instructional Media Center provided financial and logistical suppo
this project. We would like to thank Carlos Ortiz, especially, and everyo
the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Montclair State Unive
for their kindness, and support for this project, over the last three year
are also grateful to Gene Bell-Villada, Joan Casanovas, Denise Condon, L
Eaton, Ana Echevarría-Morales, Alfredo Prieto, Yanilsa Núñez, Joel Su
and Amanda Warnock for their help with technical, logistical, and transl
Valerie Millholland of Duke University Press has been a true pleasu
work with over the years. Her enthusiasm for this project kept us on
through many difficult times. Miriam Angress, Katie Courtland, Reb
Giménez, Natalie Hanemann, and Kate Lothman at Duke, and copye
Sonya Manes, helped bring the book smoothly to publication. We also t
Juan Antonio Blanco and the anonymous readers from Duke University
for their very useful comments at different stages of the manuscript.
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