Putting together a collection of invited essays necessarily incurs debts. The
editors thus have many persons to whom we owe sincere thanks. First, we
gladly thank the di√erent contributors, who have worked diligently and at
several di√erent stages of revision to produce outstanding examples of the
best in current scholarship in late ancient studies. The essays were read by
generous but critical scholars who o√ered insightful suggestions for im-
provement. We are especially grateful to Elizabeth Castelli, Derek Krueger,
Georgia Frank, Michele Renee Salzman, Ann Matter, Rebecca Krawiec, and
Karen King. Eight of the essays were previously published as a special issue
of the Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies. We are grateful to the
journal’s editors, Annabel Wharton and Sarah Beckwith, for their support of
the project and especially to Annabel for suggesting the idea in the first
place. We thank the journal for permission to republish the essays here. We
would like to thank Emily Bennett for assistance with the bibliography,
Timothy Marquis for the index, and Deborah Pratt, Theresa Boustead, and
Christopher McDaniel for help with multiple mailings.
These essays were commissioned and written in honor of Elizabeth A.
Clark, whose career has been an inspiration to us all. But more than that, her
mentorship for many of us, her hospitality and friendship to all of us, and
her visionary leadership for the entire academic community are and will long
be deeply valued.
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