This anthology results from the help, cooperation, patience, and encourage-
ment of many people. We thank all of them, but limitations of space and
memory prevent us from acknowledging them all by name here.
Among the scholars who contributed to the book’s conceptualization
and content were Martha Arguello, Michiel Baud, Judith Bettelheim, Gi-
netta Candelario, Martha Ellen Davis, Elizabeth Deloughrey, Irwin Gell-
man, Luis Guarnizo, Jay Kaufman, Melissa Madera, Ryan Mann-Hamilton,
April Mayes, Alan McPherson, Richard Price, Dixa Ramírez, Rob Ruck,
Giovanni Savino, Cyrus Veeser, and Neici Zeller.
Research for the book depended on the guidance of the expert staffs at
the Library of Congress (in particular the Hispanics Branch), National Ar-
chives II in College Park, Maryland, the National Archives of the United
Kingdom in Kew, England, the David Nicholls Archive at Regents Park Col-
lege, Oxford University, and the General Archive of the Nation in Santo
Domingo. Juan Gadiel Acosta provided the technical expertise to reproduce
the images from the latter’s Photography Collection.
We are honored that Milly Quezada, Arianna Puello, and Joel Rosario,
among others, graciously agreed to be interviewed.
Those who eased the permissions process included Ruth Nolasco, Naya
Despradel, and Dulce María Núñez de Taveras, who teamed up to make
the work of Flérida de Nolasco available; Marisol Mancebo of the Newark
and her friend Johnny Ventura; Ruben Farje of the Organization of
American States; Stephen Plotkin at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Li-
brary; Lara Hall at the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library; Louisa Wa-
trous at Mystic Seaport Museum; John Minichiello and Leslie Tobias-Olsen
at the John Carter Brown Library; Kia Campbell and Margaret Kiechefer
at the Library of Congress; Frank Arre at the Naval Historical Foundation;
Christina Spearman at
Thomas Wells at the University of Tennessee
Press; Lief Miliken at the University of Nebraska Press; Peter Froehlich at
Indiana University Press; Lawrence Yates and Kendall Gott of the Combat
Studies Institute at Fort Leavenworth; Evan O’Neill and Matt Peterson of
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