baihua qifang baijia zhengming (百花齐放, 百家争鸣): let one hundred flowers bloom
and one hundred schools of thought contend
baihua yundong (百花运动): Hundred Flowers Campaign
baquan zhuyi (霸权主义): hegemonism
Beijing kaoya (北京 烤鸭): Beijing roast duck
buduan geming (不断革命): permanent revolution
changqi douzheng (长期斗争): protracted struggle
changzheng (长征): the Long March
chanzu (缠足): foot binding
cong qunzhong, xiang qunzhong (从群众, 向群众): from the masses, to the masses
Dadao Mei di! Dadao Su xiu! (打倒美帝! 打倒蘇修!): Down with American imperialists
and Soviet revisionists!
da yue jin (大跃进): the Great Leap Forward
dazibao (大字报): big character posters
dongfang hong (东方红): the East is Red
fan xiu, fan di (反修反帝): oppose revisionism, oppose imperialism
geming weiyuanhui (革命委员会): revolutionary committees
Guanyu zhengque chuli renmin neibu maodun de wenti (关于正确处理人民内部矛盾的
问题): On the Correct Handling of Contradictions among the People
gui cheng (鬼城): ghost city or town
gu wei jin yong, yang wei Zhong yong (古为今用, 洋为中用): make the past serve the
present, make the foreign serve China
Hai Rui ba guan (海瑞罢官): Hai Rui Dismissed from Office
Hanhua (汉化): Sinification or Sinicization; the influence of the Chinese state and
Hanzu (汉族): Han ethnic group
heigui (黑鬼): black devils
heinu zhongzu (黑奴种族): the black slave race
hexie shehui (和谐社会): harmonious society
hong weibing (红卫兵): Red Guards
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