I have numerous people to thank here, beginning with Sallie McCorkle. In
1997, she suggested a trip to Ellis Island, a place I’d never considered visit-
ing.This book began in the pleasure of that afternoon and I remain thankful
as well for pleasures and support that followed.
In 1999, I presented my first paper related to Ellis Island for a confer-
ence organized by Inderpal Grewal and Caren Kaplan called the Transna-
tional Politics of Gender and Consumption. I owe them much gratitude
for the invitation. At and as a result of that conference I met people whose
work on sexuality and migration inspired and influenced my own think-
ing. I thus also thank the other participants at that conference and the orga-
nizers and participants at three others: Sexuality and Space (2001); Sexu-
ality and Migration (2002); and the Focus: Migration conference of the Sex,
Race and Globalization Project of the Committee on Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/
Transgender Studies at the University of Arizona (2002). Particular thanks
to Jasbir K. Puar, Dereka Rushbrook, Louisa Schein, Miranda Joseph, and
Eithne Luibhéid, for including me in interdisciplinary conference and writ-
ing projects that turned out to stretch boundaries we hadn’t always antici-
pated. I benefited as well from opportunities to present my work elsewhere
including Bowdoin College; Penn State; San Francisco State; the University
of California, Santa Cruz; the University of Maine, Orono; the University
of Southern Maine; and the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Throughout
my work on this project I have also had the amazing good fortune to know
two people, Jed Bell and Wendy Chapkis, as great friends and wonderful
allies; this project and my life have been greatly enriched by the joys and
insights I have gleaned from our mutual engagements with sex and gender,
culture and politics, rights and freedoms.
Because this book partly concerns what I would like to find at Ellis Island,
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