ver the course of writing this book, numerous people
in mangroves, workshops, lectures, and seminars; on
beaches, telephones, and sides of the road; at subway
over cups of coffee; and across continents and lan-
guages have helped me understand what this book was about
and to shape, focus, and revise its content.
Central to this work have been my friends and family
at Belyuen and its hinterlands and in the United States.
Many people at Belyuen have passed away, but many re-
main, including my mothers, Ruby Yarrowin, Marjorie, Bin-
bin, and Jarim; my aunts and uncles, Alice, Teresa, Kabal;
my husbands and wives, Kumu, Nicholas, Left Hand, Story,
Ngapring, Patsy-Anne, Caroline; my siblings, Jojo, Daphne,
Diane, Michelle, AA, Big Truck, Pelki, Elvis, Rossie, Chris,
and Sharon; my sons and daughters, especially, Bronwyn,
Anne-Marie, Ricky; and my nieces and nephews, especially
Edwina. I’d like also to thank in particular Hush, Jai,Wicker,
Daisy, Nuh-uh, and Jiggles, Paul and Pinto, Patti Sullivan
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