Aberrations in Black (Ferguson), 70, 76
Absalom, Absalom! (Faulkner): black
queer theory and, 93; incest/miscege-
nation paradigm in, 108–14; Oedipus
complex in, 11; racism in, 13, 96; repro-
duction trope in, 76; slavery in, 2–3;
touch motif in, 101–5
a≈rmative action politics, black queer
theory and, 140n14
African American studies: black queer
studies and, 73–74; postcolonialism
and, 141n16, 141n18
Afrocentricity, African American studies
and, 141n16, 141n18
‘‘Against Proper Objects’’ (Butler), 51
Against Race: Imaging Political Culture
Beyond the Color Line (Gilroy), 7, 25
Against Sadomasochism (Lorde), 54–57
Ahmed, Sara, 48–52, 73, 122n13, 133n22
Alexander, M. Jacqui, 80, 82, 129n4, 143n32
All the Women Are White, All the Men Are
Black, But Some of Us Are Brave
(Simons), 53
American parochialism, critical race the-
ory and, 29–30
analytical philosophy, critical race theory
and, 127n46
anti-Oedipus model, miscegenation/in-
cest paradigm and, 109–14
Anzaldúa, Gloria, 71–72
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