Having begun this project as a dissertation, I have collected a number of
debts of gratitude to many people for their generous assistance over the
The funding for the dissertation came through a Peace Scholar award
from the United States Institute of Peace, which does not in any way share
in the findings or opinions expressed in this book, a Humanities Graduate
Research Grant from the University of California at Berkeley, and a Mel-
lon Dissertation Fellowship in the Humanities.
While doing the research, I benefited from the generous assistance of
Madame Danielle at the Versailles annex of the Bibliotheque nationale
and the directors and staffs of the section contemporaine of the Archives
nationaies, the departmental archives of Cantal, Savoie, and the Vosges,
the Service historique de l'Armee de Terre, the Hoover Institution Ar-
chives, and the National Archives and Records Administration. I would
also like
thank the mayors of Moutiers, Rambervillers, and Saint-Flour
for opening the municipal archives to me.
The people of Rambervillers have earned my particular gratitude for
their extraordinary enthusiasm and generosity in digging up documents
of every sort for me, especially M. Jean-Claude Kempf, Mayor Chevrier,
and Deputy Mayor Fevotte. To all those in Rambervillers and elsewhere
who shared their recollections of the war and liberation with me, especially
M. and Mme. Vouaux and Abbe Hudry, I express my thanks and my hope
that I have done justice
their achievements and their memories.
While in Berkeley, I benefited immensely from the support and
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