1 TheConventiondefinesbiodiversityas‘‘thevariabilityamonglivingorganismsfrom
allsourcesincluding, interalia,terrestrial,marineandotheraquaticecosystemsand
and of ecosystems’’ (1992: 5).
1 One definition for expediency given by the OxfordEnglishDictionary is ‘‘suitability to
the circumstances or conditions of the case.’’
1 Thisimageandthediscussionreferringtoitdonotappearinanyofthethreebooks
by Haraway mentioned here. See, however, Haraway 1989a.
2 I use the term ‘‘cultural leftist’’ for those who espouse social justice for a range of
that social justice can be achieved largely by cultural means, especially the critique
of biasedrepresentations,foundedonstatusquonormativeassumptions.Muchof
what Haraway writes could be characterized by this statement. Like other current
in great part because politics are not only defined by ideological stances regard-
ing economic and class-based issues but are permeated by more slippery questions
of identity and culture. A ‘‘leftist’’ in the 1960s could be expected to be welfare-
and antiracist in the terms generated by the civil rights movement. Women’s lib-
eration, nationalist positions among ethnoracial minority groups, lesbian and gay
liberation activism, however, crosscut that conception of leftist, such that it is not
necessarily predictable that a gay activist would also be antiracist or anticapitalist,
despite the presumed generalization of minority struggles.Todd Gitlin (1995), for
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