For their critical input into these essays I wish to thank Andrew
Aisenberg, Wendy Brown, Judith Butler, Gil Chaitin, Brian Connolly,
Eric Fassin, Françoise Gaspard, Ben Kafka, Saba Mahmood, Miglena
Nikolchina, Claude Servan-Schreiber, Judith Surkis, and Elizabeth
Weed. I am also grateful to the anonymous readers for Duke Univer-
sity Press and to Ken Wissoker, who sent me back to the drawing
board more than once in an effort to get the book right. As usual,
Nancy Cotterman’s patient, careful attention to the details of the
manuscript, Donne Petito’s gracious willingness to help out, and
Laura McCune’s able assistance made my work not only easier but
better. The library staff at the Institute for Advanced Study, par-
ticularly Marcia Tucker, provided invaluable support for which I am
grateful. This book is dedicated to Denise Riley, whose intellectual
creativity has long enriched my thinking and whose friendship en-
riches my life.
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