I thank Guillermo Bustos, Santiago Cabrera, Pablo Ospina, Katerinne Orqu-
era, and my other colleagues at the uasb for the invitation to pres ent at the col-
loquium on May 28–29, 2014, that provided the impetus for this book.1 Other
colleagues at the colloquium, including Valeria Coronel and Hernán Ibarra, of-
fered key insights that improved this work. Su Flickinger and Doris Bartel gra-
ciously extend hospitality to me during my all too brief research trips to nara.
A fortuitous discussion with Anton Daughters led me to his grand father Don-
ald Daughters, the first person I was able to identify by name who had served
as an fbi agent in Latin Amer i ca. Anton courteously granted me access to an
unpublished interview he had conducted with his grand father before his death,
and that interview furnished me with a much needed ethnographic feel for the
fbi agents. Sally West kindly allowed me to pres ent my initial ideas from this
proj ect at a Faculty Forum at Truman State University. Dan Mandell and Jason
McDonald proffered penetrating feedback on an early draft of a prospectus,
even though much of their advice and many of their suggestions will have to
wait for my next book. The Provost Office at Truman State University funded a
well- timed sabbatical leave that allowed for rapid completion of this book, and
I thank that office for not complaining when I switched topics from what I had
initially proposed.
Miguel Tinker Salas generously guided me to documents that significantly
expanded and strengthened this work. Barry Carr responded to my questions
and offered impor tant guidance on the history of the left at key junctures in
my research and writing. Steve Ellner’s keen insights and probing questions
on inter- American affairs bolstered my analy sis. I am grateful for Margaret
Power’s support for a broader collaborative proj ect on the fbi in Latin Amer-
i ca. All are models of collegiality and po litically engaged scholars, and I am
fortunate to run in their circles. In the final stages of writing, Kelsey Smu-
gala conducted a close and careful edit of the manuscript that immeasurably
strengthened the final product. I truly appreciate Gisela Fosado’s support and
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