In the acknowledgments after each piece collected here, I’ve named the
many who helped me in so many ways, over so many years. I thank them all
again for a lifetime of intense conversations, actions taken together, and
then rethought. How exciting it’s been and continues to be.
This collection could never have come together without Katie Detwiler,
whose technical skills and warm intellectual company have made this project
delightful rather than onerous. A number of friends have been marvelous
critical readers. They have helped me, encouraged me, rescued me. I thank,
for their good ear, brilliant edits, and long empathy with my doings: Cynthia
Carr, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Susan Faludi, Evelyn Frankford, Daniel Goode,
Karen Hopenwasser, Judith Levine, Henry Shapiro, Meredith Tax, Leonore
Tiefer, and Carole Vance. I thank, too, for their support and skill, my editors
at Dissent: Michael Walzer, Judy Walzer, Michael Kazin, and Maxine Phillips.
Alan Snitow and Deborah Kaufman have been fellow travelers for years.
Discussions with them have enriched all I do.
I thank Nanette Rainone, creator of the radio show “Womankind,” on
wbai-fm New York, for being the best and most helpful boss I have ever
had and for giving me the opportunity to talk about feminism for hours and
hours on the radio, 1970 1979.
No one who writes personal essays today should omit a thank you to Phil-
lip Lopate, champion of the form, inspiring practitioner, generous reader.
These are the members of my first consciousness-raising group, 1969
1970, the founding group of New York Radical Feminists called the Stanton-
Anthony Brigade: Minda Bickman, Diane Crothers, Shulamith Firestone,
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