The Feminism of Uncertainty: A Gender Diary Publication History
Information included for all previously published pieces.
i. continuing a genDer Diary
Chapter 1. A Gender Diary
“Pages From A Gender Diary: Basic Divisions in Feminism.” Dissent 35, no. 2
(Spring 1989): 205 24.
Reprinted as “A Gender Diary” in Rocking the Ship of State: Toward a Feminist Peace
Politics, edited by Adrienne Harris and Ynestra King, 35 74. Boulder, CO:
Westview Press, 1989.
Reprinted in Conflicts in Feminism, edited by Marianne Hirsch and Evelyn Fox Keller,
9 43. New York: Routledge, 1990.
Reprinted in Legacy of Dissent, edited by Nicolaus Mills, 303 32. New York:
Touchstone, 1994.
Reprinted in Feminism and History, edited by Joan Wallach Scott, 505 44. Oxford:
Oxford University Press, 1996.
Translated into Spanish in Que son los estudios de mujeres? edited by Marysa Navarro
and Catherine R. Stimpson, 179 232. Buenos Aires: fceD Press, 1998.
ii. mothers / lovers
Chapter 4. Dorothy Dinnerstein: Creative Unknowing
“Introduction.” In The Mermaid and the Minotaur, Dorothy Dinnerstein, xix xxxiii.
New York: Other Press, 1999.
Translated for Serbian edition of book.
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