Works of Lydia Maria Child
No bibliography of Child's writings can yet claim
be definitive. New articles of hers keep turning up, not
only in hitherto unexamined journals but in those already searched by other scholars. Child also published a
large number of articles anonymously or pseudonymously, both in her husband's newspaper, the Mas-
sachusetts Journal (ca. 1828 until 1832), and during the Civil War, in mainstream political newspapers. Many
of those articles remain to be located. In addition, newspapers, magazines, and gift books often reprinted her
stories, articles, and extracts from her longer works under different titles. Space limitations preclude listing
these reprints, but they can be found in the following publications: The Lady's Cabinet Album; The Borton Book;
The Rover; The Slave's Friend; The Anti-Slavery Record; Rural Repository; The New World; The Gem of the Season;
The Casket; Gems by the wayside; The Dew-Drop; The Gem Annual; The Marriage Offering; and Merry's Museum.
A complete listing of all Child's publications in The Juvenile Miscellany, the Liberator, the National Anti-
Slavery Standard, the Boston Courier, and the Independent, including her weekly editorials and "Letters from
New-York," would require a volume in itself. Hence, I have adopted the following principles of selectivity:
of the stories and sketches Child published in the Juvenile Miscellany, I have listed only the ones cited in this
of the innumerable newspaper articles Child published in the form of letters, I have listed only
those omitted from the microfiche edition of her Complete Correspondence; (3) of her "Letters from New-
York," I have listed only those omitted from the book versions of the First and Second Series; (4) of her weekly
editorials, I have listed only those mentioned in chapter 12. With these exceptions, I have listed both the
periodical and the book publication of Child's stories and essays. In the case of her uncollected fiction and
journalism and her unpublished manuscripts and letters, I have tried to provide a complete bibliography of
items found to date.
This bibliography is arranged chronologically to allow readers to follow the development of Child's career.
Annuals and gift books have been listed in the order of their actual publication date (or date of deposition for
copyright), rather than by the year announced in their title (e.g., The Token "for" 1828 was actually published
in October 1827 and is listed accordingly). For easier reference, the bibliography is also subdivided into the
categories of books and pamphlets; stories, sketches, and anecdotes; journalism and miscellaneous nonfic-
tion; poems; unpublished manuscripts; collected letters; and uncollected letters.
Books and Pamphlets
Hobomok, A Tale of Early Times, By An American. Boston: Cummings, Hilliard, 1824.
Evenings in New England. Intended for Juvenile Amusement and Instruction. By An American Lady. Boston:
Cummings, Hilliard, 1824.
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