acaba Asociación Campesina del Río Baudó (Peasant Association
of the Baudó River, Chocó)
acadesan Asociación Campesina del Río San Juan (Peasant Association
of the San Juan River)
acia Asociación Campesina Integral del Río Atrato (Peasant
Association of the Atrato River, Chocó)
afrodes Asociación de Afrocolombianos Desplazados (National
Association of Displaced Afro- Colombians)
alenpac Alimentos Enlatados del Pacífico (Canned Products of the Pacific);
company exploiting the naidí palm hearts in Nariño since 1982
anuc Asociación Nacional de Usuarios Campesinos (National
Peasant Association)
asodergua Asociación para el Desarrollo del Río Guajuí (grassroots
or ga ni za tion in the Guajuí River)
asopez Asociación de Pescadores (Association of Fishermen); aimed
at improving living and working conditions in the lower part
of the Guapi River
asoprodesa Asociación Prodesarrollo del Río Saija (grassroots or ganization
of the Saija River on the Cauca Coast)
at-55 Artículo Transitorio 55 (Transitory Article 55 of the Constitution
of 1991)
cimarrón Movimiento Nacional Cimarrón (National Movement for Human
Rights for Afro- Colombian Communities); one of the earliest
organizations mobilizing against antiblack racism in Colombia
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