This volume began to take shape at a conference convened by Paulo Drinot
at the School of Advanced Study, University of London, in July 2011. The
editors gratefully acknowledge the support of Maxine Molyneux, then di-
rector of the Institute for the Study of the Americas, and of the School
of Advanced Study, which made the event possible. We also would like to
thank Peter Fearon and Laurence Brown, who contributed papers to the
original conference, and Rory Miller, Colin Lewis, and Rosemary Thorp,
among others, who offered helpful critiques of the conference papers. We
are particularly grateful to Valerie Millholland and Gisela Fosado at Duke
University Press for their interest in and support for this book project.
Thanks too to Liz Smith for shepherding the volume to publication, to
Heather Hensley for designing the book’s cover, and to Gonzalo Romero
Sommer for the index. Two anonymous reviewers provided extremely valu-
able suggestions and helped make the volume a great deal better. Finally, the
editors gratefully acknowledge the support of the Latin American Centre
at the University of Oxford and the Institute of the Americas at University
College London.
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