PlATes, following P. 360
From carlos mérida’s Estampas del Popol Vuh
Painting of a cofradía member
community mural in san Juan comalapa, chimaltenango
“The two women are sisters”
“The young man is single”
“The women are selling huipiles [tunics] and hidden moonshine”
“They are weighing corn”
Sin título (Untitled)
isabel ruiz performs Matemática sustractiva (subtractive math)
San Manuel exilio mártir (san manuel martyred exile)
map of Guatemala xxiii
i The Maya: Before the Europeans
ek chuah, god of merchants and patron of cacao 17
excavation of Tikal, el Petén, 1892 21
ceramic vessel shaped as the side of a conch shell and used as
a paint well 23
Parade of musicians from the Bonampak mural 25
a Bonampak lord from the Bonampak mural 25
noblewomen watch costumed dancers with rattles 29
capture of the K’iche’ lord cawek of the Forest People 35
ii Invasion and Colonialism
a scene from the Lienzo de Quauhquechollan 46
Tecún Umán on the back of a truck, izabal 57
Pasos (steps) 67
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