For financial support I would like to thank the School of Humanities and
Department of History at the University of California, Irvine. Additional
support came from the James J. Harvey Memorial Dissertation Fellowship;
Southern California Women for Understanding; The UnCommon Legacy
Foundation; and Fellowships in the Humanities at both Stanford University
and New York University.
At the University of California, Irvine, a truly outstanding ill sta√ located
many rare and ephemeral primary source materials on sex education, while
the administrator of the History Department, Carol Roberts, winked at my
extensive and unauthorized use of the Xerox machine. The archive sta√ at
Harvard University’s Countway Library of Medicine directed my attention
to Robert Latou Dickinson’s scrapbooks, where I first made Norma and
Normman’s acquaintance. Healthspace Cleveland has graciously granted
permission to use their photographs of the statues.
The intellectual, personal, and collegial debts I’ve incurred during the
process of this research have been enormous. Since 1992, Cornelia Hughes
Dayton has paid kind and meticulous attention to my professional develop-
ment and to the placement of commas, while Alice Fahs has urged me to
keep my arguments firmly rooted in my sources. Yong Chen and the under-
graduates in our 1994 and 1995 Asian American history seminars shared the
intensity and joy of their work in a way that challenged me to pursue my
desire to write and teach about race. R. Colin Fisher and Peter Catapano
provided close to a decade of shared food, drink, and friendship; it is impossi-
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