A p p e n d i x O n e
A P o s t h u m o u s R e p o r t o n
B e r n a r d o d e V a r g a s M a c h u c a s
S e r v i c e s , c a . 1 6 2 2
of the Captain don Alvaro Félix de Vargas Moxica, and of
the Governor don Bernardo de Vargas Machuca his father, and
of the Captain Juan de Vargas his grandfather.
y certifications, titles, and proofs be it known that the aforesaid
don Alvaro Félix de Vargas has served his Majesty for thirteen
six in the city of Portobelo, his father don Bernardo de Var-
gas serving as chief magistrate and commissioner of its fortifications, and
another six on Margarita Island as governor and captain general, finding
himself continuously at his side on all the opportunities offered to him for
the Royal Service.1
Likewise, may it be known that the aforesaid don Alvaro served three
years as captain in the castle of San Bernardo, of the aforesaid island, and
assisted in its construction.
And be it known that, by appointment of the town council of that
island, he served the post of keeper of arms and munitions [tenedor de
las armas], which his Majesty has on that island for its guarding and de-
And be it known that in the year [1]617 he served in the company of
Captain don Juan de Vega Bazán, [on his] journey to New Spain, giving
very high account of all that was charged of him, as is evident in the reports
referred to.
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