1942 Cuba declares war on Germany, Italy, and Japan.
1944 Ramón Grau San Martín is elected president for a four-year term and
carries the Auténtico (Authentic) party into power.
The Communist party is reorganized and changes its name to the
Partido Socialista Popular or psp (Popular Socialist Party).
1947 Eduardo Chibás breaks with the Auténtico party to organize a new
opposition party, Partido del Pueblo Cubano (Ortodoxo) (Cuban Peo-
ple’s Party, orthodox).
1948 Carlos Prío Socarrás is elected president for a four-year term.
1951 Eduardo Chibás commits suicide.
1952 Fulgencio Batista seizes power through a military coup and ousts the
Prío administration, thereby ending constitutional government in
1953 Hoping to spark an uprising, Fidel Castro and 125 of his fellow anti-
Batistas attack the Moncada barracks in Santiago de Cuba on 26 July.
The attack fails (even though it is a harbinger of things to come) and
survivors are sentenced to fifteen-year prison terms. Castro is sen-
tenced to fifteen years on the Isle of Pines (now Isle of Youth).
1954 Running unopposed, Batista is elected to another four-year term as
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