The following list includes essays and books that we have found either exemplary of the
kind of writing our contributors have practiced or helpful in exploring theories and
practices of autobiographical criticism or both. The journals listed seem espeCially
interested in giving voice to alternative writings.
Anderson, Linda. "At the Threshold of the Self: Women and Autobiography." Woman's
Writinn: A Challenne
Theory. Ed. Moira Monteith. Sussex: Harvester; New York: St.
Martin's, 1986. 54-70.
Annas, Pamela. "Style as Politics: A Feminist Approach to the Teaching of Writing."
Collene EnBlish 47 (1985): 360-71.
---. "Silences: Women's Language Research and the Teaching of Writing," in
Teachinn WritinB, Gender, PedanoB) and EqUity. Ed. Cynthia Caywood and Gillian R.
Overing. Albany:
Press, 1987. 3-17.
Behar, Ruth. "The Body in the Woman, the Story in the Woman: A Book Review and
Personal Essay." MichiBan Quarterly Review 29.4 (Fall 1990): 695-738.
Cixous, Helene. "Reaching the Point of Wheat, Or, Portrait of the Artist as a Maturing
Woman." New Literary History 19.1 (Fall 1987): 1-22.
---. "Castration or Decapitation?" Trans. Annette Kuhn. SiBns 7.11 (Autumn
1981): 41-55.
---. "Sorties: Out and Out: Attacks/Ways Out/Forays." The Newly Born Woman.
Trans. Betsy Wing. Minneapolis: U of Minnesota
Cooper, Jane. "Nothing Has Been Used in the Manufacture of this Poetry That Could
Have Been Used in the Manufacture of Bread." ScaffoldinB: New and Selected Poems.
London: Anvil, 1984. 19-44.
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