We have received much help from our contributors as we have put
together this book, and we are grateful to them. But there are others
whose voices are not directly represented in this book, whom we also
want to thank. Frances especially wants to thank Nancy Chadburn, Anne-
Marie Gronhovd, Lisa Heldke, and Colette Hyman, her colleagues at
Gustavus Adolphus college, who listened to her essay and provided
helpful feedback as well as vital emotional support and good humor.
Diane thanks Skidmore College for the faculty research grants which in
part supported this project. She also thanks an assortment of faculty and
present and former graduate students at the University of Washington for
listening to her self-assertions and critical confessions. Olivia
Tompkins and Linda Hunter, who always had words of encouragement,
and her feminist colleagues at St. Olaf College. We all thank Reynolds
Smith, who believed in the project from the first. Finally, we thank the
hundreds of women who have attended our conference sessions and also
the Midwest Modem Language Association, which accepted our pro-
posals for sessions when other organizations were skeptical. Those who
made our conference sessions possible, writers not included in this an-
thology, and an even larger number of other readers and writers have
supported our work by sharing it, by doing it. We hope that the work
of this book can likewise support theirs.
The following have appeared in other books or journals. Grateful
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