I extend my deepest gratitude to members of the Church of Our Lord Jesus
Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc., and specifically the ­family of True De-
liverance Church; this proj­ect would not have been feasible without their
openness and warmth. In par­ t ic­ u ­ l ar, I want to thank the late Bishop Crosley J.
Cook for giving me entrée and ­ w holeheartedly supporting my scholarly
aspirations. I am grateful to ­Mother Harrington, ­ Mother Powell, ­ Mother
Thomas, ­Mother Jackson, ­Mother Bettis, ­Mother Sockwell, and the late ­
Mothers Bligen, Holland, and Pea, who gave prayers, love, and encourage-
ment. The kindness and generosity of Donna Holland, Melanie Martin,
Deirdre Moore, Marie Lashley, Maizie Rice, Kamiko Rice-­Barker, Dolores
Griffith, Joyce Brown, Karen Fields, Georgia Williams, and Dr. Celeste
Ashe Johnson are without mea­ s ure. Thank you to Minister Lashley, Minister
Cobb, and Deacon Moore, and especially Minister Harrington for keeping
me rolling with car repairs I could afford! And to my ­ fa mily in and out
of True Deliverance Church—­ S teven, Etienne, Stephon, and Jhetti Lashley,
thank you for allowing me to become a part of your lives and for becoming
part of mine. I am especially indebted to Marcelle Davies-­ L ashley for intro-
ducing me to her church ­ family and being a loyal advocate and a true, true,
for-­sure, unwavering, 24-7 teacher, ­ sister, and friend.
My research into Holiness-­Pentecostalism began during my gradu­ate
years at Yale University. The intellectual inspiration and guidance of my ­
advisor, John F. Szwed, and committee members Paul Gilroy and ­ K athryn
M. Dudley helped me formulate foundational questions, which persisted
throughout all subsequent revisions of this work. I thank Kamari Maxine
Clark, Jennifer Baszile, Kellie Jones, and Hazel Carby for invaluable contri-
butions to the development of my critical thinking. I am grateful to Helena
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