I extend my deepest gratitude to members of the Church of Our Lord Jesus
Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc., and specifically the family of True De-
liverance Church; this proj ect would not have been feasible without their
openness and warmth. In par ticular, I want to thank the late Bishop Crosley J.
Cook for giving me entrée and wholeheartedly supporting my scholarly
aspirations. I am grateful to Mother Harrington, Mother Powell, Mother
Thomas, Mother Jackson, Mother Bettis, Mother Sockwell, and the late
Mothers Bligen, Holland, and Pea, who gave prayers, love, and encourage-
ment. The kindness and generosity of Donna Holland, Melanie Martin,
Deirdre Moore, Marie Lashley, Maizie Rice, Kamiko Rice- Barker, Dolores
Griffith, Joyce Brown, Karen Fields, Georgia Williams, and Dr. Celeste
Ashe Johnson are without mea sure. Thank you to Minister Lashley, Minister
Cobb, and Deacon Moore, and especially Minister Harrington for keeping
me rolling with car repairs I could afford! And to my family in and out
of True Deliverance Church— Steven, Etienne, Stephon, and Jhetti Lashley,
thank you for allowing me to become a part of your lives and for becoming
part of mine. I am especially indebted to Marcelle Davies- Lashley for intro-
ducing me to her church family and being a loyal advocate and a true, true,
for- sure, unwavering, 24-7 teacher, sister, and friend.
My research into Holiness- Pentecostalism began during my gradu ate
years at Yale University. The intellectual inspiration and guidance of my
advisor, John F. Szwed, and committee members Paul Gilroy and Kathryn
M. Dudley helped me formulate foundational questions, which persisted
throughout all subsequent revisions of this work. I thank Kamari Maxine
Clark, Jennifer Baszile, Kellie Jones, and Hazel Carby for invaluable contri-
butions to the development of my critical thinking. I am grateful to Helena
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