his bookhasbeenpossiblethankstothedirectparticipationorin-
direct contribution of many friends and colleagues who, over the
of course, our contributors to this volume, but also many other extraor-
dinary scholars who, due to reasons of space, we have not been able to
count in its pages. We would also like to thank Christine McIntyre and
Christopher Dennis for their meticulous professionalism in translating
some of the most difficult texts and their rigorous editing advice in the
final stages of the project. We thank Ohio State University, particularly
port in the initial steps of the project, which made possible the transla-
tion for Stanford University and Universidad Simon ´ Bolıvar. ´ Finally, we
owe special thanks to Reynolds Smith, our editor, for his confidence in
this project all along, his constant encouragement, and his friendly ad-
vice, and to our anonymous reviewers for their invaluable recommen-
Forgenerouspermission topublishthesetexts,totally orpartially,we
thank the many journals and publishers who have acceded to our re-
quests, in many cases promptly, as indicated in the Acknowledgment of
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