maPs and IllUstratIons
Bulgaria (Post–World War II borders) xxii
“Death to Capitalism” with a hammer and sickle and a red star xiv
An anticommunist sign from the summer protests in Sofia in 2013 xvii
Freeman Dyson in 2007 5
A sign for Major Thompson Street in Sofia 8
Frank Thompson with his pipe 9
Freeman Dyson in 1937 in his Winchester uniform 13
A confident Frank Thompson 16
Freeman Dyson in his office at the Institute for Advanced Study 17
Frank Thompson as a child 22
A statue of Georgi Dimitrov 25
Frank Thompson in 1939 29
A statue of Ivan Kozarev in Dobrinishte 36
Assen Lagadinov with his fellow printers in 1939 42
Adolf Hitler greeting the Bulgarian king, Boris III, in Berlin 43
Assen Lagadinov in 1942 46
The invasion of the Balkans, spring 1941 47
A portrait of Frank Thompson 57
A sculpture in honor of the men and women who became partisans 61
Boris and Kostadin Lagadinov 67
Boris and Kostadin Lagadinov 75
Frank Thompson in uniform 89
A monument to the severed head of Assen Lagadinov in Razlog in 2013 95
Elena Lagadinova in 1945 103
Elena Lagadinova with other partisans in 1944 105
Elena Lagadinova with her British hat and jacket, and pistol 106
Partisan Brigade in Razlog in 1944 107
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