Transliterating the Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet into Latin letters
presents particular challenges, as there are many different accepted
traditions and much inconsistency regarding usage. The most
tricky characters are the Bulgaria ф (which can be transliterated
as “ff” or “v”), the ъ (which can be written as an “a” or “u” or “ŭ”),
and the ц (which is either “tz” or “ts”). Throughout the book, when
doing my own transliterations from the Bulgarian, I have chosen to
use a “v” for ф, a “ts” for ц, and the character “a” for ъ. I also trans-
literate the “ж” as “zh,” and the “я” as “ya.” However, in the case
of previously published materials and names already transliterated
into Latin letters by the authors, I have reproduced the words in
their published transliterated form. I have also retained the English
spellings of well- known geographical names such as Sofia and Bul-
garia (rather than Sofiya and Balgariya). As a result, there will in-
evitably be some inconsistencies in the text.
a note on translIteratIon
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