1. This attack was apparently according to the Acritas Plan, which Tassos Papa-
dopoulos, the former president of the Republic of Cyprus, was also involved in
2. The ‘‘disappeared’’ refers to the missing people of Cyprus. In Cyprus, there
are people who were made to disappear in the events of 1963 and 1974. In 1963, a
number of Turkish-Cypriots were made to disappear, never to be found by their
families. In 1974, numerous Greek-Cypriots disappeared, as did some Turkish-
Cypriots. For an ethnography on the missing people of Cyprus, see Sant-Cassia,
Bodies of Evidence. For an excellent account based on interviews with witnesses,
see Uluda˘ g,
Incisini Kaybeden
3. For a masterly account of the 6–7 September events in Istanbul, see Vryonis,
The Mechanism of Catastrophe. See also Bali, 6–7 Eylül 1955 Olayları; Fahri
Ar¸ sivi, 6–7 Eylül Olayları; Güven 2005. The film Güz Sancısı (Pain of Autumn),
directed by Tomris Giritlio˘glu, is one of the few Turkish-made films about the 6–7
September events: Tomris Giritlio˘glu, dir., Güz Sancısı, Yapım Filmcilik Produk-
siyon, Istanbul, 2009. Kıbrıs Türktür Cemiyeti (Cyprus Is Turkish Association)
was directly linked with this pogrom on the Greek community of Istanbul in
particular. However, it was later revealed that the Turkish government had been
aware of and involved in planning these attacks. For an assessment of the links
between the events in Cyprus’s and Turkey’s policies vis-à-vis its Greek minority,
see Demir and Akar, Istanbul’un Son Sürgünleri, chaps. 1–3.
4. For a full historical account of the deportation of Istanbul’s Greek citizens in
1964, see Demir and Akar.
5. When my grandfather was born, Didimoticho was Ottoman. It then was
briefly held by the Bulgarians (1913–19), until it devolved into a possession of
Greece under the Treaty of Neige (27 November 1919).
6. For an account in the form of oral history and memoirs of the departure of
the Greeks of Büyükada (Prinkipo) and their subsequent life in Athens, see Tan-
rıverdi, Atina’daki Büyükada; Tanrıverdi, Ho¸ sçakal Prinkipo.
7. In later years, Israel’s actions against the Palestinians would have similar re-
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