First of all, the Editorial Collective would like to thank all those who
participated in and attended the Making and Unmaking of Whiteness
conference in April 1997. We also thank the many activists who con-
tacted us before and during the conference with helpful advice and
suggestions and who forwarded the conference announcement to so
many people outside academia. In addition, we would like to grate-
fully acknowledge the financial support of the University of California
Humanities Research Institute, the Department of Comparative Eth-
nic Studies, the UC Berkeley O≈ce of the Dean of Social Sciences, the
Graduate Assembly, the Townsend Center for the Humanities, the
Department of African American Studies, and many other depart-
ments too numerous to list here. Special thanks go out to Pamela
Perry, Kellie Stoddart, members of the Critical Studies in Whiteness
Working Group and the many volunteers who helped us organize the
conference; Margo Adair for stepping in and facilitating the last day’s
session with little notice; and José David Saldívar and Michael Omi,
faculty sponsors for the conference.
Jillian Sandell played a key role in writing the introduction and
editing this book. She was unable to continue her participation in our
collective, but her influence on both the conference and this anthology
remains strong. We are grateful for her contributions.
Our collective thanks also go out to Monica McCormick, Abdul
JanMohamed, and Mike Davis for expressing early interest in this
book project and for providing sage advice on the route from con-
ference to anthology. And big thanks to Katie Courtland, Justin Faer-
ber, Nancy Zibman, and to our editor Ken Wissoker for his calm
patience and unflagging support of this project from the moment we
signed a contract with Duke University Press to the delivery of the
final manuscript.
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