Appendix three
Translations and Adaptations of OBOS in Progress
Language Country Coordinating Group/Publisher Status
Albanian Albania Coordinating group: Women’s Center Tirana
Publisher: The Book and Communication House
International Cultural Center
The coordinating group is currently working on a direct trans-
lation of OBOS.
Indonesian Indonesia Coordinating group: Consumers Union of
The Consumers Union has adapted and illustrated two editions
of OBOS with support from the Ford Foundation. The first
book focuses on reproductive health, the second on reproduc-
tive rights. The latest edition is stalled at the production/pub-
lishing stage and has not yet been distributed.
Turkish Turkey Coordinating group: Mavi Kalem (Association
for Social Assistance and Charity) Publisher:
Mavi Kalem is currently working on the adaptation and is
creating a companion Web site to accompany the book. It has
created a brochure titled “Why on Earth a Turkish Adaptation
of Our Bodies, Ourselves? Let Me Explain . . .”
Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo,
Pidgin English, Shante,
Fante, Egun, and English
Nigeria Coordinating group: Women for Empowerment,
Development, and Gender Reform
Although the coordinators have not yet raised funds to fully
implement the project, they have begun to translate sections
for use in community-based outreach on HIV/AIDSand sexu-
ally transmitted infections.
SourceThe : Our Bodies, Ourselves Web site, www.ourbodiesourselves.org.
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