1 August Opening of the second UNIA international convention
in New York; keynote speech is delivered by UNIA
potentate Gabriel M. Johnson.
2 August UNIA Roseau Division, Dominica, holds day-long
events to celebrate the anniversary of Emancipation in
the West Indies.
4 August Garvey delivers official convention report; writes official
letter to President C. D. B. King of Liberia regarding
UNIA’s proposed plan of colonization in that country.
7 August UNIA Divisions from Florida and Céspedes, Cuba, hold
a joint meeting in district of Florida, Cuba.
10 August UNIA convention holds Women’s Day.
14 August UNIA Guachapali Division, Panama, is established.
15 August African Blood Brotherhood head, Cyril V. Briggs, writes
a letter to Garvey requesting a meeting with him.
Secretary of State for the Colonies Winston Churchill
issues a circular letter, requesting that the colonial
governments consider the introduction of permanent
legislation granting governors powers to arrest, detain,
exclude, and deport undesirables.
18 August UNIA Colón Division expels seven members for
ca. 18 August J. R. Ralph Casimir returns to Dominica after a tour of
Trinidad and is elected president of the UNIA Roseau
ca. 20 August Charter for Guachapali, Panama, Chapter N0. 14 is
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