s this book was in copy editing, my mother, Nancy Way, passed away. I
dedicate it to her with love and gratitude. A brilliant, talented person
and dear friend, my mother taught me to write, and worked tirelessly on
helping me to edit the introduction to this work. I remember the day she
gave me my first typewriter, an old black Royal, when I was seven, and
remember the many manuscripts she pored over with me since. It was one
lasting gift in a lifetime of gifts. Thank you, Mom.
Present throughout the production of this project has been Gil Joseph.
Mentor, advisor, and friend, Gil has been an integral part of this project and
of my life. Too, Ralph Lee Woodward Jr., deserves more thanks than I can
give, as does Laura Briggs. Michael Denning, Stuart Schwartz, James Boy-
den, James Scott, Pamela Voekel, Colin MacLachlan, Kevin Repp, Rose-
anne Adderley, Gertrude Yeager, and Nancy Yanoshak have all helped me
enormously, as did Florence Thomas of the Department of History at Yale
Behind every book is a support team, and this one is no exception.
Thanks and abrazos to Shannan Clark, Alison Bruey, Bethany Moreton,
Michael Jo, Guillaume Aubert, Masha Salazkina, Emma Wasserman, Kate
Holland, Carol Craycraft, James and Ralph Laws, Lewis Pittman, Carlos
Villacrés, Alejandro Conde Roche, Charley Mack, Susan Nanes, Michael
Polushin, Shedrick Cade, George Trumbull, Gladys McCormick, Martin
Nesvig, and Jordana Dym. Kathleen Mallanda, my fellow traveler, merits a
shout-out (and monument) all her own. I am also indebted to Jill Cal-
derón, Rigoberto Ajcalón Choy, Liz and Rubén González, Henry Pamal
García, Enrique ‘‘Kike’’ Aguilar, the Fogarty family, Bill Forward, Helen
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