A Grass-roots List of Transnationals in Guatemala, circa 1978
chart is reproduced directly from the archival source with only slight
changes to the spelling of some company names, not all of which may be
accurate. While the exact source and date are unknown and while the
information may be incomplete, the list is fascinating for its attempt to
chart and document the extent of foreign penetration of the economy
during an epoch of intense political violence. Source: ‘‘Anexo: Lista de
empresas transnacionales en Centroamérica (1978).’’ cirma: Antigua,
Guatemala. Clasificación Infostelle 09/02/04. ‘‘Relaciones económicas;
empresas extranjeras/multinacionales en Guatemala/CA.’’
North American Capital
Food and Agroindustry
1. Beatrice Foods, Inc.: (i) Fábrica de Productos Alimenticios René, S.A.
(ii) Asunto Carimba (iii) Fábrica de Productos Alimenticios Peter Pan,
2. Bemis: Bemis Internacional, S.A.
3. Borden, Inc: Compañía Internacional de Ventas Centroamericana, S.A.
4. Central Soya: (i) Central Soya de Guatemala, S.A. (ii) Industria
Nacional de Concentrados Integrales Centroamericanos.
5. Coca-Cola: (i) Industria de Café, S.A. (incasa); (ii) Productos
Alimenticios Sharp, S.A. (iii) Industrias del Pacífico, S.A. (iv) Tenco.
6. cpc International: Productos de Maíz de Alimentos, S.A.
7. Del Monte: (i) Bandegua: Subsidiaria de la Canadian Canners Ltd.;
(ii) Del Monte Internacional, Inc. y Cía. Ltd.
8. Foremost-McKesson: Foremost Dairies de Guatemala, S.A.
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