Over the several years spent on this project I have received advice,
support, and encouragement from many people.
Four foundations-The Golden Family Foundation, The Josiah
Charles Trent Memorial Foundation, The Mary Duke Biddle
Foundation, and The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation-provided
generous financial assistance toward the expenses I incurred. I
am sincerely grateful to them all.
At various times several individuals read portions or whole
drafts of my manuscript and offered sound advice. For this my
thanks go to Robert Coles, E. Harvey Estes, Tom Ferguson, Jack
G. Goellner, Joe and Terry Graedon, and Iris Tillman Hill.
For their services in helping me obtain some of the photographs
I wanted, I thank Ida Cooper and the Public Relations Department
of the University of Cape Town, the News and Information
Bureau and the university photographer, Anne Moran and the
University of Cape Town Fund, and my friends Kathleen
Crampton and Hedwig Rose. Catharine Carter photographed the
South African painting which appears in the book and also en-
larged family photographs. Whenever possible I have acknow-
ledged each photographer individually; occasionally, however,
no record was available. I deeply appreciate the insights and tal-
ents of the photographers whose pictures have added so much
to the message of this book.
I could not have tackled the labor involved in rewriting the
many drafts of the book had
not been for the skill, consideration,
and patience of Sarah Vance who taught me-a beginner typist-
how to use a word processor. I will always be grateful
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