This book is the product of several years of writing and thinking about
issues related to political correctness while 1 was an undergraduate and then a
graduate student; many people have helped me along the way.
My editor at Duke University Press, Rachel Toor, ruthlessly pushed me to
finish and revise the manuscript and offered many suggestions with the assis-
tance of her faithful animal companion, Hannah.
Kim Phillips, Gerald Graff, Beth Johnson, and Thomas Wilson read earlier
drafts of the manuscript and offered helpful comments, as did the two anony-
mous readers for Duke University Press. Mindy Conner did an excellent job
copyediting the manuscript.
My thoughts on some of these issues first appeared in the
Daily Illini,
Grey City Journal,
and the
Prism (Chicago Maroon),
which gave me a valuable
outlet for my writings. Teachers for a Democratic Culture also allowed me to
express my views on the culture wars as editor of their newletter,
I've also been privileged to have more than a hundred teachers, too nu-
merous to name, who helped sharpen my thinking, improve my writing, and
expand my knowledge.
Finally, 1 thank the following conservative foundations: the John M. Olin
Foundation, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, the Carthage Founda-
tion, and the Smith Richardson Foundation. None of them gave me any grants
(I received no money from anyone to write this book), but millions of dol-
lars from these foundations subsidized dozens of conservative organizations,
books, and magazines that were indispensable in providing the errors, distor-
tions, and outright lies 1 analyze in these chapters. Without their successful
efforts to create the myth of political correctness, 1 could not expose it in
this book.
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