Editor’s Preface
Suspending Belief
Noé Jitrik is one of Latin America’s foremost literary critics, with almost a half-
century of critical production. He has influenced many younger scholars, di-
rected major literary projects, and been central to the professionalization of
literary criticism in the continent, a role similar to that played by Antônio
Cândido in Brazil and by the late Angel Rama of Uruguay. He is also the author
of a solid body of work on literary theory and of numerous works of fiction and
poetry. This volume will show something of the range and depth of his literary
essays, focusing on his work on Argentine and more broadly on Spanish Amer-
ican literature.
Jitrik was born in 1928 in Rivera, on the western edge of the province of
Buenos Aires, in a town that was then largely Jewish, in keeping with the initial
emphasis (by Baron Hirsch and other organizers of the emigration of Jews from
eastern Europe to Argentina and southern Brazil) on rural and small-town set-
tlements. He studied at the University of Buenos Aires and began his teaching
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