Notes ..."..,
The Henry James Sesquicentennial Conferences were held at New York Univer-
sity and several other sites in New York from June
to June 6, 1993. Sponsored by
the Henry James Society, New York University, and Louisiana State University,
the conferences were the idea of Daniel Mark Fogel, who realized the weeklong
celebration of James's 150th birthday with the help of Leon Edel, Julie Rivkin,
James Tuttleton, William Veeder, Carren Kaston, and Anthony Mazella.
2 Fred Kaplan, Henry james: The Imagination of Genius (New York: William Mor-
row, 1992), p. 503.
3 Maxwell Geismar, Henry james and the jacobites (Boston: Houghton Mifflin,
1963), p. 4. I am grateful to Eric Haralson of the State University of New York-
Stony Brook for pointing out Geismar's reference to "the other Henry James."
4 Ibid.
5 Henry James, "The Deathbed Dictation," in The Complete Notebooks of Henry
james, ed. Leon Edel and Lyall H. Powers (New York: Oxford University Press,
1987), pp. 581- 84.
Introduction: Henry James and Critical Theory
John Carlos Rowe, The Theoretical Dimensions of Henry james (Madison: Univer-
sity of Wisconsin Press, 1984), esp. pp. 3-28.
2 Richard A. Hocks, Henry james and Pragmatistic Thought: A Study in the Relation-
ship between the Philosophy of William james and the Literary Art of Henry james
(Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1974), p. 16, argues that Henry
came to understand how "William's thought identifies his [Henry's] own idiom-
his prose," glossing thereby Henry's 1907 letter to William in which he confesses
to having "all my life ... unconsciously pragmatised" (Henry James to William
James, 17 October 1907, in Letters, vol. 4, ed. Leon Edel, 4 vols. [Cambridge,
Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1984], p. 466).
3 Mark Bauerlein, The Pragmatic Mind: Explorations in the Psychology of Belief
(Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press, 1997), argues that neopragmatists such as
Rorty, Fish, Knapp, and Michaels are not properly heirs to a more precisely
defined philosophical pragmatism that begins with Emerson and includes Wil-
liam James, Charles Sanders Peirce, and John Dewey.
4 Alfred Habegger Jr., Henry james and the "Woman Business" (Cambridge: Cam-
bridge University Press, 1989), and Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, Epistemology of the
Closet (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1990), play crucial parts in the rest
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