historical map of south america
The Jesuit mission at Trinidad
The “lincolnshire farmers” arrive in Paraguay
Book cover, Erico para siempre (erico forever)
advertisement promoting Paraguays 2010 World cup campaign,
with salvador cabañas as the “mariscal”
Días de Gloria (days of glory), young people protesting an attempted coup
outside the national congress in march 1999
World Wildlife Fund maps showing deforestation in Paraguay (1945–2009)
Typical “arcadian” rural landscape in Paraguay
“Plata Yvyguy” (hidden treasure), two panels of a triptych by enrique
map of Paraguay 2
i The Birth of Paraguay
Grupo anabsónico “Wu’o” performing a ritual dance to exorcise
demons and using rattles for music 22
Portrait of a cacique of the Toba tribe of chaco indians 35
ii The Nationalist Experiment
Portrait of dr. Francia 68
Portrait of President carlos antonio lópez 72
illustration by saturio Rios: mocking the Triple alliance 76
illustration by saturio Rios: The Triple alliance threatens Paraguay,
which is personified as liberty and Justice 83
illustration by saturio Rios: Pedro ii suffocates mitre and Flores
with the cap of liberty 85
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