The production of a work as complex as the Reader has necessarily involved
the help, encouragement, and support of many people. at the end of what
has been a fascinating, enjoyable, and exhausting process we find ourselves
greatly indebted to friends and colleagues alike.
We would like to thank our editors, Valerie millholland and miriam an-
gress, who have been supportive of this project from the moment we first
approached duke University Press right through to completion. We would
also like to thank the various interns and others at duke who have helped
us throughout the process. Our special thanks go to the extremely efficient,
patient, and ever-positive Vanessa doriott anderson, who was tireless in her
support, especially in the laborious task of contacting authors and publish-
ing houses for permissions, and maura high, our outstanding copy editor.
We could not have hoped for a more helpful publishing team.
We were also very fortunate to be able to count on the invaluable and
generous support of two dear friends who played an integral role in the pro-
duction of the Reader. in england, nick Regan was an extraordinary proof-
reader with a great eye for detail and a masterly command of english that
helped turn our often stilted translations into fluent and poetic texts, always
finding the mot juste, however long it took. his knowledge of Paraguayan
culture and language as well as his advice and suggestions were invaluable.
in Paraguay, the journalist andrea machaín carried out the painstaking
work of contacting authors and publishing houses in order to obtain copy-
right permissions. We could not imagine completing the Reader without the
help of these two friends.
We would also like to thank all the living contributors who were so gen-
erous in offering their work for inclusion. it is remarkable that despite the
economic recession, not one author requested payment for their work, not
one refused our request to include extracts from their work, and many of
them went beyond the call of duty in helping with the Reader. it was truly a
pleasure to work with such esteemed writers. We would especially like to
thank alberto Yanosky of Guyrá Paraguay and Thomas Whigham of the
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