Suggestions for Further Reading
There is growing interest in Paraguay among scholarly writers and journal-
ists. If you are interested in a more in-depth understanding of the country,
here is a list of books that are not cited directly in extracts that we chose for
the Reader. However, some of them contain outstanding analysis and are
well worth reading for both general and specific information. We have not
listed articles, academic or otherwise, or chapters from edited books, simply
due to the overwhelming number available. If one exists, we list the English
translation of books first published in Spanish, although we encourage read-
ers to consult the original if possible.
Hanratty, Dennis, and Sandra Meditz, eds. Paraguay: A Country Study. Washington:
Library of Congress, Federal Research Division, 1990.
Hebblethwaite, Margaret. Paraguay. Chalfont St. Peter, England: Bradt Travel Guides,
Medina, Ricardo, ed. Enciclopedia del Paraguay. 2 vols. Barcelona: Océano, 2000.
Mora, Frank, and Jerry Cooney. Paraguay and the United States: Distant Allies. Athens:
University of Georgia Press, 2007.
Munro, Robert, ed. Paraguay 200 Years of Independence in the Heart of South America.
Oxford: Whap Production, 2010.
Nickson, R. Andrew. Historical Dictionary of Paraguay. Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow
Press, 1993.
———. Paraguay. World Bibliographical Series, vol. 84. Oxford: Clio Press, 1999.
Roett, Riordan, and Richard Scott Sacks. Paraguay: The Personalist Legacy. Boulder,
Colo.: Westview Press, 1991.
Telesca, Ignacio, ed. Historia del Paraguay. Asunción: Taurus and Santillana, 2010.
Warren, Harris Gaylord. Paraguay: An Informal History. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood
Press, 1982.
Color, Paraguay’s largest-circulation daily newspaper,
with numerous links and a free archive.
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